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strzyga: (cp | can you meet me halfway) (Default)
  • cp | can you meet me halfway
Comment: that's where i'm gonna wait for you, i'll be looking out night and day, i can't go any further than this ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (ck | i'm gonna drink myself to death)
  • ck | i'm gonna drink myself to death
Comment: brace myself, i know it's going to hurt, but i like to think at least things can't get any worse ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (ck | i wanna hold 'em like they do)
  • ck | i wanna hold 'em like they do
Comment: in texas plays, fold 'em let 'em hit me raise it baby, stay with me, love game intuition plays the cards ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (sp | there's a river in my mind)
  • sp | there's a river in my mind
Comment: that's never still, waking in an empty wood, it is quiet here, i'm powerful, from inside my soul ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (su | no wonder some go crazy)
  • su | no wonder some go crazy
Comment: creating problems daily, so special and so gifted, but most don't know it's there, just let it all out ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (sp | i'm ashamed when the flame)
  • sp | i'm ashamed when the flame
Comment: sells me fire for the lantern i've made from my skin, can the stitches hold on through these travels? ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (ck | why would i think such things?)
  • ck | why would i think such things?
Comment: crazy thoughts have quick wings, one minute i am fine, the next i've lost my mind to a fake fantasy ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (sp | keeping your cool after midnight)
  • sp | keeping your cool after midnight
Comment: and though you swear that you will never ever lose control, i've seen you slipping, baby, sliding ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (ck | and the wanting comes)
  • ck | and the wanting comes
Comment: in waves, you pulled me from danger, then, pulled my cradle from the reedy glen, and i want this night ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (ck | oh god now here it comes)
  • ck | oh god now here it comes
Comment: it's too dark to aim this gun, once again i'm on the run, show your face to me, i do not fear oblivion ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (ck | i can hear your footfall now)
  • ck | i can hear your footfall now
Comment: a soft disturbance in the deadfall how it preceeds you like a black smoke pall, this is how i am repaid? ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (im | hell is round the corner)
  • im | hell is round the corner
Comment: where i shelter, i stand firm for our soil, isms and schisms, we're living helter skelter, so judge me ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (im | you found your own way out)
  • im | you found your own way out
Comment: arraign your head with crowns invisible, remember why you're here to inspire, the fissures open to align ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (ts | nobody knows how i wait)
  • ts | nobody knows how i wait
Comment: for you, here, perishing, thought i was more than just my father's son, deep in my arms you belonged ( cursebox.lj )
strzyga: (lk | went looking for my tower)
  • lk | went looking for my tower
Comment: in need of resurrection, and in the mirror pale and deathly i've become, look, what have i become? ( cursebox.lj )